I, Robot (film)

I, Robot is a 2004 film directed by Alex Proyas. I, Robot film tells us about an era of the world when humans and robots are coexisting in daily life. The robots help people in living their lives. If we see the rapid advances of technology, a world where human civilization coexists with robots is possible and could be happened. Through IRobot film we can take a view and make a conclusion about the human life when it has come to the robotic era.

The robots could be very helpful for human in doing their daily activity. However, the use of robots should not be free on the various aspects of human life. To live with the robot needs a careful consideration. The control, regulation as well as the laws that supervise must be clear and strict.

The development of technology is determined by humans because it was found and created by human. We all should be wise in use and utilize the existing technology so that with the technology that was created, we can reach maximum benefit and it’s not make us accustomed to the instant things eventually colonized by what we have created. Technological advances can provide great benefits, on the other hand can provide other effects that impact on human life.


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